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Update on my music family!!! XO Man and Remedy!!

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This week we welcome back the biggest underground live music night around!!!

Full of the quality everytime, you would be square to miss it!!! GET INVOLVED AND REACH!!

For more details check out:

On a similar note….. One guy that you have to watch out for is my man XO man…. He is not hard to find as he is

6ft 10…. Like really….  He has a new tune that is bound to ‘blow your speakers’ …., no lie… the BASS is P.H.A.T!!!

Listen to it twice and tell me you don’t wanna skank!!??

He has created a viral video that had me in titches with laughter… Not gonna spoil it for you, but just check it out… *ladies who read my blog, please take this in a light hearted sense*…

XO Man has the X factor in my opinion…. So don’t be surprised when you see him make massive moves within the year!!

PS the artwork for the campaign is SICK!!

Follow him on the old twitter…


My music journey so far…..

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You see communicating about something you feel so much for can be the most difficult thing to put into words. Its similar to saying ‘sorry’ because from one perspective, it’s a word from a dictionary to another it’s letting go of pride and almost exposing yourself as an individual.

See with this blog entry, I wanted to give you an insight into how far I have come, to where I want to be. By how far I have come, its been an internal battle from loving music, to hating it, to loving it again but being wiser this time round!

When I fell in love with music I originally started by singing. I kind of settled for producing because I use to pick holes in instrumentals and was not organically use to the limelight. Historically, I look back and can pin point moments in my life, correlating them to sound tracks, which is why I held music so close to my heart.

The highs, well…. At my peak I created a successful night called ‘Soul Lab’ alongside Daniel B and Ash (Remedy) for over a year. We had XO Man and MC Fontz host, creating a platform for up and coming artists. Alongside this I produced music for the likes of GFrSH, Dice (FrSH), Incisive, Bianca Rose, Sherissa Stewart and the list goes on…. I won BBC 1xtra home-grown and founded Tagg This clothing with DM.

However what goes up must come down and I was no different. My emotions for music started to fluctuate. It was not just about music any more it was about the compromise of the music business and how I fitted into the jigsaw. I was no longer making music for me, it was people dictating what they wanted and me conforming. Along the way, I started to lose more money, investing in expansion without a solid strategy. There was one instance where me and DM paid 300 pounds for a design my 4 year old niece could have produced! Juggling a full time job with music was proving more difficult and I guess this was the beginning of the end.

The opposite of love is hate, with such a thin line in between!! So I started to sway to the hate and abandon my love for music. It was simple; I did not listen to music at all and could no way talk about it, let alone make it! I generally thought that was it… No more music forever and my only delight would be Eastenders (because I had no substitute to populate my time)!! A year passed and I still felt the same way.

They say if you let love go and it comes back to you it was rightfully yours right? I gradually started to listen to music again and by the start of 2010 I found my love back. How do I feel? I feel I have the energy of a freshman and the mind of a wiser person. This time round I intend be more tactical with everything I do.

See I guess the moral of this blog is that we live life once with no sequel. So I would rather give this my all and know that I succeeded, with no failure (like the way I worded that)!

The futures not orange, but its bright and I have a lot coming. New music, a new music event and even me touching the mic… so let’s make this happen!

I believe that music chose me, I never chose music, so it’s only right I serve my purpose.

I just joined twitter, so feel free to follow my ongoing journey.

Here are some free music downloads and pics from my music past:

These are my three favorite songs I have produced, just click on the titles to download:

(Click here) Happy Ft GFrsh and Adrian (Remedy)

(Click Here)Lost ft Natalie Broomes

(Click Here) Be your girl Ft Incisive and Sherissa Stewart

And finally :

Here is a demo version of a song I never released as I was not feeling the vocals by the girl, but I loved what the rapper had to say.

(Click here) Enjoy your life Ft Ocean

Below are some pics from my music past… I had a music video with GfrSH with a song called ‘Whas it gonna be’ and one of the pics from that day is below.. Jak Frsh who has received a lot of praise of late directed the video. Also in the pics below are Hypa and Marcie, DM, Daniel B, Ash (Remedy), Chipmunk, XO Man and Fontz. Gooooood Times…

XO Man vid for microwave (support)

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I gave ya the teaser.. now is the full deal… I keep on biggin up XO cause as a music peer of mine I think he is very TALENTED!! So watch out for him!

I think it will be officially out April 13th (for download), so cop that!!

Tagg This are looking to do a vid in the near future.. but will keep you posted on that later..

Home grown talent!!

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I came off the phone to XO man earlier today… He is in a good mental space right now!! He won the Hugo Urban rules comp late last year and is gonna be pushin with his vid real soon… Here is a teaser… However, he promised that the full version is crazy… Man, I can’t wait!! 🙂 

Watch XO Man On Hugo Urban Rules..

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Don’t forget to tune into the premier of Hugo Urban Rules 2morrow to see how XO Man won the competition.

It is on @ 7:30pm on Mtv Base. Nice to see my peers all moving in this music game!!!