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Jam session in the studio!

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In the studio making music of course! :-)

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So lately I have been making House/Drum ‘n’ Bass music but after a little session

we took it back to the music I love best!! K-Loe played some keys and I started vibing,

then me and Karina wrote a short song.

Me in the studio…..

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Here is a song I did with Natalie Broomes… This won me 1Xtra homegrown in 2008… Seems like ages ago.. Maybe because so much has happend since!

Little trip down memory lane.. This was me in the studio in 2006.. Put it together because I produced for so many people back then, but they had no visual of me making my music. It was a bit staged, but hey… I was not contending for an Oscar :-S

PS look at the previous post re singers and music producers for Beatology!!

Calling All Music Artists

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Pharrell or Timbaland… Who is the better producer?

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I bumped into G Frsh, in a post office of all places LOL We had a little debate on who is the better Producer… Pharrell or Timbo! I must admit I love Timbo’s drums… Pharrell Seems to follow the full process through thou…


The latest with my new music!!

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What a weekend!!


So right now I am in the zone!! Like really in the zone… I am making music and nuff of it..

I even made a house track that sounds real soulful. This weekend I recorded Ocean (who I recorded on

‘Bass’ last week) on two tracks. One is called ‘Breath’ and the other is called ‘Looking through the window’.

On Sunday I recorded Karina, who is a young singer me and D Mensah met just under a year ago. She came and

Recorded her chorus and verse for ‘Love’ and ‘Looking through the window’. Shout out to her, as I do put people

through their paces in the studio when doing vocals… Now comes the best part… THE MIXING…..


PS sorry about the Freebies I promised…. My compter is playing wireless games with me at present…

It maybe a later present to all you guys..