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Jimi Hendrix

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Hendrix in Britain Exhibition:: Until 7th Nov

Taking place @ The Handel House Museum, this exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of the god-like guitarist and singer songwriter Jimi Hendrix. The focus is on the last four yeas of his life, which Hendrix spent as a London resident. Looking forward to checking this out soon.



Where has Leslie Lewis-Walker been?

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I would like to say a big hello to everyone! Its been a while! 
Learnt some lessons being out of the limelight that I won't forget in
a hurry. I will start with Beatology! So we had the first Beatology in May, 
which went well *considering the nights complexity* and I and Jason Jones
learnt nuff. We saw something we could bring to the music table that
was potentially a monster and most of all positive. After the first, 
we were looking forward to the July one! We had everything in place 
from the new team foundation to the new and improved format...
Interest for this one was high and we almost had music producers 
throwing themselves at us to get a spot to show off their talent.

Nearer the end of June, we had news #out the blue that the bar had 
lost their music licence. This consequently meant that we were 
screwed and could not hold the event :(. The alternatives would 
be to find another venue, which would be extremely difficult in
such a time frame, or cancel? So upon reviewing, we cancelled the 
event! I must admit, I didn't feel that bad for myself, but 
I felt bad for the people taking part. I felt like I was responsible 
(in some mad way). This was their opportunity to shine and
 it was being taken away from them!

So... Whilst this was all happening, I have was recording my
 new stuff.. This kept me kinda sane over this period and 
also allowed me to express myself in ways I couldn't through Beatology.
 If you have known me since school (which would be 
hardly any of you lol). I started out performing singing in the first 
place. I only got into production as a plan B 
(which worked out). I was part of the trio that created 'Soul Lab', 
which was a live music night #with a live band. 
On a 'special one off' I had a 3 song set. Within this set, I sang 
'Ordinary People' by John Legend. The crowd went
 nuts when I started singing, to the point where they stopped me 
half way through, to start me again! I guess no one
 ever expected me to be the singer type really! 

I enjoy producing, but I find it frustrating! Here are some
 typical examples of common aspects that frustrate:

After I take the time producing tracks, artists don't vocal 
them (even after accepting them and liking them).

When I have a vision for a track I'm making, the artist will
 have a different vision, meaning my communication gets lost.

I guess, as a producer, I feel I don't get full credit... And
 kinda get forgotten about... Even though its my foundation.

Solution: I do it all win win :)

Side note: Must admit, I have been super lucky in working with
 all the artists I have worked with 
(check out my, myspace for name drops lol).

In this period, I started to think... If I still enjoyed the 
nature of promoting? Yes I loved seeing people 
expose their talent, but the headache of dealing with people 
dropping out last minute and dealing with the 
politics of personalities made it harder! See I wanted 
to do another Beatology because I didn't want to give 
up and leave a project half finished.. Also I don't like
 to give up on anything... However, was I listening to 
me.. Or was I listening to everyone else who thought I 
should be doing this or that *putting me into a box*. 
See I have realised that peers can be positive, but they 
can also be a negative. Not on purpose, as they may
 mean well.. But they will have an opinion, which can 
install fear into someone else. As they say, what is right
 for one, may not be for someone else. I always wanted to 
know what the phrase 'Doing me' really defined personally!
 I guess through this experience I realised its about doing 
right by yourself and following your own path.. 
Rather than others! 

So in the time I have been away, I have been recording 
my own stuff. Producing/singing and much more... 
What I wanna do is 'just me', no one else. This is why I 
originally fell in love with music and the feeling is amazing!
 Beatology might well return in the future, but for now... Its
 a project on hold. I'm going to be performing in the next 
few months in various places, so keep your eyes peeled via Twitter 
and my blog (a fair few will be in August and September)!
(For my production, new music soon come).

Here are some pics I took recently. Totally big salad #my opinion lol 
they are kinda my first press shots I guess. 

Bruno Mars is super amazing at singing….

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Bruno featured on the hit BOB… The tune ‘nothing on you’…. This guy is gonna be a star!!

Update on my music family!!! XO Man and Remedy!!

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This week we welcome back the biggest underground live music night around!!!

Full of the quality everytime, you would be square to miss it!!! GET INVOLVED AND REACH!!

For more details check out:

On a similar note….. One guy that you have to watch out for is my man XO man…. He is not hard to find as he is

6ft 10…. Like really….  He has a new tune that is bound to ‘blow your speakers’ …., no lie… the BASS is P.H.A.T!!!

Listen to it twice and tell me you don’t wanna skank!!??

He has created a viral video that had me in titches with laughter… Not gonna spoil it for you, but just check it out… *ladies who read my blog, please take this in a light hearted sense*…

XO Man has the X factor in my opinion…. So don’t be surprised when you see him make massive moves within the year!!

PS the artwork for the campaign is SICK!!

Follow him on the old twitter…

Instrumentals I don’t use :-/

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People who produce music will tell you that for every 10  songs they make… roughly only 1 or 2 instrumentals will make a final song. You see being a producer is good in some ways, as you create the foundation of the song structure. However it can be frustrating because  making whats in your head can be a long and time consuming process. On this blog post, I thought I would share some out takes and explain each instrumental idea.

Please remember they are only rough demos that I doubt I will use :-/, but it will give you more scope into what inspires me when making music.

Click here to listen: Rough Bass

At the time of making this track, I was trying to upgrade my drums game. I worked on the drums for like a day to get the pattern just right. After working on the drums, I added a synth that equalised the drums and gave it that laid back vibe. For some reason the drums remind me of a school playground :-/ only reason I labelled it ‘Rough Bass’ was because that was the last instrument I added.

Click here to listen: Sea water

Sea water was a funny one… I had a number of drum patterns that I was going through and I discovered a sound on my synth machine the day before..I accidently pressed a key and from there it took me 5mins to complete *really*. The reason why I named it ‘Sea Water’ was because listening to the synth sound, it reminds me of The Discovery channel music… Don’t ask me why… :-/

Click here to listen: Singer Chords

Who remembers Tedra Moses (I hope I spelt her name right).  Well I made this track for her (in my mind)…. When I made this track, I wanted the vocalist to carry the track with harmonies and emotion. I added random strings to parts to encourage that raw element *missing in most modern day music*

Click here to listen: Spanish

So i’m listening to Usher’s 8701 album and fell in love with the track called ‘how do I say’, which was a track based on a Spanish tale. When playing about on my guitar, I thought I would put my skills to the test… and here is what I came up with.. PS, his track is the least polished lol.

Now I thought I would leave you with footage of me in the studio 4years ago… I have posted this up before, but it seemed appropriate to post again.

On a final note, Beatology (event for music producers and singers) will be returning, so watch out for more info in the next week!

To all my funky crew (feat me)

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I have collaborated with Ocean for years and he is a big talent! Check this video we did a  while back (off a funky house tune). My music

Me in the studio…..

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Here is a song I did with Natalie Broomes… This won me 1Xtra homegrown in 2008… Seems like ages ago.. Maybe because so much has happend since!

Little trip down memory lane.. This was me in the studio in 2006.. Put it together because I produced for so many people back then, but they had no visual of me making my music. It was a bit staged, but hey… I was not contending for an Oscar :-S

PS look at the previous post re singers and music producers for Beatology!!