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Pictures from the Jimi Hendrix Exhib

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As previously advised, if you’re a music fan, I recommend you go and check out the exhibition like I did yesterday 🙂




Update on my music family!!! XO Man and Remedy!!

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This week we welcome back the biggest underground live music night around!!!

Full of the quality everytime, you would be square to miss it!!! GET INVOLVED AND REACH!!

For more details check out:

On a similar note….. One guy that you have to watch out for is my man XO man…. He is not hard to find as he is

6ft 10…. Like really….  He has a new tune that is bound to ‘blow your speakers’ …., no lie… the BASS is P.H.A.T!!!

Listen to it twice and tell me you don’t wanna skank!!??

He has created a viral video that had me in titches with laughter… Not gonna spoil it for you, but just check it out… *ladies who read my blog, please take this in a light hearted sense*…

XO Man has the X factor in my opinion…. So don’t be surprised when you see him make massive moves within the year!!

PS the artwork for the campaign is SICK!!

Follow him on the old twitter…

New night ‘Anfy’ (live music night)

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Because so many of my friends run these nights, I really struggle to support everyone. However it was the launch of the night Anfy and I had to support Marcie Phonix and Hypa Fenn (the event organisers) and my boy Jeds (who was dancing). Here are some pics:


As you can see.. the place was RAME!! It was a good look… I was behind the scenes so please excuse my pics… This night comes on every 2nd Wednesday of the month.. High St Kensington @ Archangel bar.

If you don’t know who Hypa and Marcie ARE… Check this out!!