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Jimi Hendrix

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Hendrix in Britain Exhibition:: Until 7th Nov

Taking place @ The Handel House Museum, this exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of the god-like guitarist and singer songwriter Jimi Hendrix. The focus is on the last four yeas of his life, which Hendrix spent as a London resident. Looking forward to checking this out soon.



Instrumentals I don’t use :-/

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People who produce music will tell you that for every 10  songs they make… roughly only 1 or 2 instrumentals will make a final song. You see being a producer is good in some ways, as you create the foundation of the song structure. However it can be frustrating because  making whats in your head can be a long and time consuming process. On this blog post, I thought I would share some out takes and explain each instrumental idea.

Please remember they are only rough demos that I doubt I will use :-/, but it will give you more scope into what inspires me when making music.

Click here to listen: Rough Bass

At the time of making this track, I was trying to upgrade my drums game. I worked on the drums for like a day to get the pattern just right. After working on the drums, I added a synth that equalised the drums and gave it that laid back vibe. For some reason the drums remind me of a school playground :-/ only reason I labelled it ‘Rough Bass’ was because that was the last instrument I added.

Click here to listen: Sea water

Sea water was a funny one… I had a number of drum patterns that I was going through and I discovered a sound on my synth machine the day before..I accidently pressed a key and from there it took me 5mins to complete *really*. The reason why I named it ‘Sea Water’ was because listening to the synth sound, it reminds me of The Discovery channel music… Don’t ask me why… :-/

Click here to listen: Singer Chords

Who remembers Tedra Moses (I hope I spelt her name right).  Well I made this track for her (in my mind)…. When I made this track, I wanted the vocalist to carry the track with harmonies and emotion. I added random strings to parts to encourage that raw element *missing in most modern day music*

Click here to listen: Spanish

So i’m listening to Usher’s 8701 album and fell in love with the track called ‘how do I say’, which was a track based on a Spanish tale. When playing about on my guitar, I thought I would put my skills to the test… and here is what I came up with.. PS, his track is the least polished lol.

Now I thought I would leave you with footage of me in the studio 4years ago… I have posted this up before, but it seemed appropriate to post again.

On a final note, Beatology (event for music producers and singers) will be returning, so watch out for more info in the next week!

Do music producers get the credit they deserve?

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Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beats, Kanye West, Timberland

What do they all have in common?

They are all producers who have conformed to taking the limelight and played the artist card. This is to the point where they are probably recognised

More so for their artist features rather than their beat making ability! Each have released solo albums with them vocalling their pieces. I question why this happens at this frequency? IS it because they still want to cement their music message? Or is it brand promotion, to make the audience aware that they made it? Do you have to be a producer/artist to be recognised?

When I make music, there is a distinct narrative to everything I do. I speak through my music; however my musical voice, along with the narrative becomes some what distorted once artists out their interpretation to it.

I have heard some undeniable instrumentals by producers, leaving the artist a minimal task in ensuring they don’t subtract. However as a music buying member of the public, artists alone will receive the praise! Is that right? Or should artists have a responsibility to credit the bods behind the frontline? For example, Tinie Tempah, Pass Out…. Who knows who produced it? On the other hand certain producers may not want limelight credits at all! But from a business perspective, you need exposure and to achieve this, you need to make people aware of your CV repetiore.

I guess from my perspective, I wish I could work more alongside artists on instrumentals instead of producing instrumental CDs, because I feel that I lose the element of vibing and don’t fully follow through on my art form.

Perhaps a little biased, but food for thought!!


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This song is dope!!

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This was originally K West and Ti on an early K West mixtape (2003).. However never got pushed.. Now big boss is on it.. BIG TUNE

New Vid by Kanye West!!

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Big Tune.. always loved this from when I first bought the album… 

Nice shots!!

My Jams right now…

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I am feeling Keri Hilson (my wife ;0)) at the moment!!


I love K West’s line… “Real bad real bad Micheal Jackson…. Real mad real mad Joe Jackson” I love it….

LOL this is too funny!!!

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Latest cartoon diss.. 50cent on Rick Ross… ft an all star cast!! Please pay particular attention to DMX…. It had me in stitches!!