Instrumentals I don’t use :-/

People who produce music will tell you that for every 10  songs they make… roughly only 1 or 2 instrumentals will make a final song. You see being a producer is good in some ways, as you create the foundation of the song structure. However it can be frustrating because  making whats in your head can be a long and time consuming process. On this blog post, I thought I would share some out takes and explain each instrumental idea.

Please remember they are only rough demos that I doubt I will use :-/, but it will give you more scope into what inspires me when making music.

Click here to listen: Rough Bass

At the time of making this track, I was trying to upgrade my drums game. I worked on the drums for like a day to get the pattern just right. After working on the drums, I added a synth that equalised the drums and gave it that laid back vibe. For some reason the drums remind me of a school playground :-/ only reason I labelled it ‘Rough Bass’ was because that was the last instrument I added.

Click here to listen: Sea water

Sea water was a funny one… I had a number of drum patterns that I was going through and I discovered a sound on my synth machine the day before..I accidently pressed a key and from there it took me 5mins to complete *really*. The reason why I named it ‘Sea Water’ was because listening to the synth sound, it reminds me of The Discovery channel music… Don’t ask me why… :-/

Click here to listen: Singer Chords

Who remembers Tedra Moses (I hope I spelt her name right).  Well I made this track for her (in my mind)…. When I made this track, I wanted the vocalist to carry the track with harmonies and emotion. I added random strings to parts to encourage that raw element *missing in most modern day music*

Click here to listen: Spanish

So i’m listening to Usher’s 8701 album and fell in love with the track called ‘how do I say’, which was a track based on a Spanish tale. When playing about on my guitar, I thought I would put my skills to the test… and here is what I came up with.. PS, his track is the least polished lol.

Now I thought I would leave you with footage of me in the studio 4years ago… I have posted this up before, but it seemed appropriate to post again.

On a final note, Beatology (event for music producers and singers) will be returning, so watch out for more info in the next week!


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