Check out the *The Forward show* (very good look)!

Support my homegirl!! Details below:

Kaylie Bee and Naomi Jane pack a positive punch with their exciting new radio show! 


Kaylie & Naomi will be discussing hot topics that affect young London… 


…with exciting special guests, loads of top tips, fun conversation, UK’s freshest inspiring 

music and old skool jams there’s no better place to be on a Tuesday night! 


The Forward Show airing every Tuesday in May 2010 at 8.30pm on Reach 87.7 FM 


87.7FM (N.London) & LIVE online streaming (Worldwide) 


 For the freshest live chat radio show with the chattiest bubbly duo: 


Kaylie Bee & Naomi Jane 


Move FORWARD and REACH (FM) for it! 


The Forward Show, every Tuesday 8:30 PM-9.30PM on Reach FM – 87.7FM 


Join the show on Twitter – search #theforwardshow 


Join the show on Facebook –!/group.php?gid=116362408404705 

Further Information: 

For more info on The Forward Show, please contact Matilda Ankoma  

0780 554 3376 or 


For Reach FM: 07583080122 | | 


For more info on Reach FM visit  

Full details of the ‘I Have a Choice’ program visit 


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