Bittersweet poetry

I don't claim to be a wordsmith... but I write to vent and it often helps 
illustrate whats in my mind (I think too much)
I'll share this:

If I had one day to live and I knew it was my last, 
I would leave an impression on this world that would last.
I would kiss every girl that I ever wanted, 
tell em that I always wanted, 
but never had the balls to front it.
I'd test drive the best cars on this fine green earth,
pushing them to the max making every per hour flirt.
Then I'd watch the sun set for the final time,
appreciating that lifes but a dream with limited time.
I'd fly by my aunts and tell her I love her, 
explaining that prides always come first and I'd wish I told her sooner. 
Then I'd play pro with my friends not letting them know,
but treasure the thought of the last time cementing that carnation. 
I'll then look to the sky and speak to god alone,
cause he'll know that I wanted to be closer, but I tried to late I know.

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