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You need to checkout this music site!!

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Here is the band supporting an up and coming act you may, or may not  of heard of…

It has all the latest info on all the best music in the scene…. so yea!!


Don’t usually check for poetry but…..

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Don’t usually check for poetry but I love this performance! It captures a mental tangible feeling of love/hate without the big complicated words (just for the sake of it)..

Me in the studio…..

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Here is a song I did with Natalie Broomes… This won me 1Xtra homegrown in 2008… Seems like ages ago.. Maybe because so much has happend since!

Little trip down memory lane.. This was me in the studio in 2006.. Put it together because I produced for so many people back then, but they had no visual of me making my music. It was a bit staged, but hey… I was not contending for an Oscar :-S

PS look at the previous post re singers and music producers for Beatology!!