The Stow (EP Release Review)

The Stow: 

When Michael Jackson first broke like every genre, he did it with good music. Fast forward and we have an up and coming group that could have the potential to do the same. The music they make is not white/black/green or pink, but strong music that can be played in various places.

With a melodic foundation for song structure, The Stow keep you buzzing with variation of song and rhyme. Tracks like ’round and round’ paint a picture of a life 80% of the population can relate to. This almost  installs a nature of trust in them.

Songs like ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Mamma’ paint a soulful echo with a beautiful voice that gives each song a reinforced message. 

Each song has an element of every music source, making it a dynamic and ecletic in journey. So what are you waiting for? It is a free download, so what have you got to lose? I think you will find you have all to gain!! 

In order to receive the ‘JUST ANOTHER BAND’ ep, subcribe to the Stow’s mailing list via their facebook or myspace page – ep drops 1st april so sign up NOW!!

Check out their myspace below:


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