Do music producers get the credit they deserve?

Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beats, Kanye West, Timberland

What do they all have in common?

They are all producers who have conformed to taking the limelight and played the artist card. This is to the point where they are probably recognised

More so for their artist features rather than their beat making ability! Each have released solo albums with them vocalling their pieces. I question why this happens at this frequency? IS it because they still want to cement their music message? Or is it brand promotion, to make the audience aware that they made it? Do you have to be a producer/artist to be recognised?

When I make music, there is a distinct narrative to everything I do. I speak through my music; however my musical voice, along with the narrative becomes some what distorted once artists out their interpretation to it.

I have heard some undeniable instrumentals by producers, leaving the artist a minimal task in ensuring they don’t subtract. However as a music buying member of the public, artists alone will receive the praise! Is that right? Or should artists have a responsibility to credit the bods behind the frontline? For example, Tinie Tempah, Pass Out…. Who knows who produced it? On the other hand certain producers may not want limelight credits at all! But from a business perspective, you need exposure and to achieve this, you need to make people aware of your CV repetiore.

I guess from my perspective, I wish I could work more alongside artists on instrumentals instead of producing instrumental CDs, because I feel that I lose the element of vibing and don’t fully follow through on my art form.

Perhaps a little biased, but food for thought!!


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One Response to “Do music producers get the credit they deserve?”

  1. A.C. Layne Says:

    A good read. You made some good points here

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