Pic of Rihanna after Chris Brown Incident

Is this authentic? If this is, it is not a good look for Chris Brown.

Rihanna bruised?

Rihanna bruised?


What do you guys think?

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16 Responses to “Pic of Rihanna after Chris Brown Incident”

  1. wow this is the first pic i have seen it looks like Chris Brown career is over.. Im not sure though- photoshop is a wonderful tool

  2. That’s wat she fuckin gets. She needs to learn how to keep her hands to herself. Next time do wat yo mama said “Don’t put yo hands on no one and you won’t get touched back”

  3. leslielewiswalker Says:

    Looks more like a skeleton!! So I doubt it very much!!
    I agree with Mr Jones!!

  4. Rihanna looks terrible. who would ever do that to her? Well I guess chris brown’s would do it to her.

  5. Rihanna looks terrible. who would ever do that to her? Well I guess chris brown’s would do it to her.

  6. I think they both should het back and make up. And rihanna if you are pregnat you should tell chris cause he is the father.

  7. Juaneshia Says:

    yhu guyz need to stay out of Rihanna and Chris Brown buissness let them work out thier own problems. Nobody knows what really happened so quit putting your fucking two sense in.

  8. Whoaa. She qot her face fucced upp! Im still a Chris Brown fan tho. Nd i think dey were both at fault dere. Ayy w.e datsz nun of mi bisznesz. -.-‘

  9. YO i was always a chris brown fan but not any more chris put his hands on a women he showed everybody his true colors fuck that gay ass bitch i wish somebody would kick his ass badly

  10. kenz kenz Says:

    well the hell i cannot believe chris would do such a thing the seemed like the perfect couple………. GUESS NOT!!!! man i feel mad for her, i hope she doesnt go back to him!!!

  11. asifyhladsh Says:

    i am still a cb fan.. i cant beleive he would do that though but he is still a human being like everyone else and ppl are making sound so terrible..i no it is but…they are doing thta because he is a celeberty ..like i said he is just like u and me but has to deal with wasy more. he got mad and could not control his temper im sure that has happend to other people. and rihanna hit him and so on right before that and yes chris brown has a bruise but he aint going all bout tht ..i no rihannas is worse but still. and we should let them deal with it cuz it their business.

  12. BOSSY BITCH Says:

    ohhh wow…thats fuked up

  13. wow chris brown is a fucking coward. he hit a woman…you dont do that shit. he lost all my respect and i hope people are relentless on his ass and NEVER let him live that down. his mom must be really ashamed of him she sounds like such a good person and i KNOW she raised him better than that. and guess what? all the candy, roses, and diamonds in the world could NEVER take back what he did…at least not if i was rihanna.

  14. rihanna i love you.you byudifol girl.you sing veri good.ilove you very mach

  15. rihanna i wish u could hit chris back but sorry got injured like that.

  16. this whole rihanna thing first let me get something straight it started off with the bootycall that chris brown got from some chick then rihanna went thru his phone because she has the right to because they are couples and you already her about celebrity scandals were they have some body already in there life and then they play around and get somebody else behind your back and it goes on for years so i get what rihanna was going thru but at the same time chris brown a grown man even if she hit him first he should be mature and handle it in a better way your a celebrity and alot of ways you could have handled it. man up now you see that his making songs about the break in my eyes he really wants her back. sorry chris brown you should have not done it.now your face it all. and ppl really look up to you and thought you could have done better and at the same time your mom thought in her own eyes she raised you to handle this sitations. feel really sorry for his mom.

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