I am sure everyone ‘Creative’ will be able to relate to this!!

Producer block/ the equivalent of a writers block!! (I am sure we have all been through it) I think that if I only illustrated my highs on this blog, it would not be a true reflection of what it takes to get somewhere in this current urban music climate. I express the balance of highs/lows and clearly demonstrate that 1) I am human and 2) makes it a more interesting read . One of the high points so far, has been getting Tagg This clothing Into the shops and making the masses a little more aware of a newly born brand… However I and D are juggling many hats and as human beings we get tired. D can only motivate me so much and vice versa…. Now, I know all people right now have a side hustle (legal/illegal) or a job (full time/part time).. This alone can drain you…!! Especially if your role is of the demanding sort! Additionally, because I have to wear so many hats, it really does drain me creatively. When muti tasking, one always neglects the other task, even if it is by a fragment. Like, right now, I do not feel inspired to make a hit and so everything musically flowing right now is not music that projects my 20/20 vision!! How do I get through this…?? Well I hope it is a phase LOL but it is really frustrating!! I believe that I am musically gifted and that my best work is my next work, however I need to find that one song to spark my come back…. It could be something totally random… Like watching an artistic vid, or vibes off someone else in the studio… Either way, when it does come back… it is all over!! http://www.myspace.com/leslielewiswalker http://www.taggthisclothing.com


2 Responses to “I am sure everyone ‘Creative’ will be able to relate to this!!”

  1. Yea man – I can relate to that – it will come though – the “block” period IS scary sometimes – feel like it will never come back….but it always does…harder and stronger than before – dont worry homie!

  2. It comming – only one hit away.

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