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Catch me on 1xtra 2morrow!! (1st March)

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Just been contacted by BBC 1xtra to be :
1.Featured as one of three homegrown artists this sunday (1st March 2009 ) on their homegrown show,
2.the song being featured in their official homegrown podcast for the week AND
3. Doing a 1 minute interview to be played out as well.

So ill keep you posted on when the podcast is up but if you can listen out to the homegrown show on 1xtra (1st March) (its online) at 7pm-10pm on sundays.

Bless people…


Remix ‘FrSH’ style

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G Frsh should be coming out with fresh material in the near future.. This is something to warm up the peeps…

Radio play!!

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My partner D Mensah, submitted a track to BBC 1xtra’ Home grown’ called ‘Lost’ feat Nat Broomes.. That I produced..

We wanted to test the market, juts to see what they were or were not feelin really.. Call it our market research..!

Anyway, they like the track and got back to Dennis… Now I need to give them further details and lets see the outcome?

Should be featuring on the podcast, if I understand rightly!@!$^?  Will keep you updated!!


Here is the track we sent: Lost Feat Nat Broomes MP3

Other than that.. I have been listenin to a lot of K West.. Thought I would post my fav song of his, I am listening to currently…

Enjoy 🙂

Home grown talent!!

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I came off the phone to XO man earlier today… He is in a good mental space right now!! He won the Hugo Urban rules comp late last year and is gonna be pushin with his vid real soon… Here is a teaser… However, he promised that the full version is crazy… Man, I can’t wait!! 🙂 

The most recent of the 50/Rick Ross cartoons

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In other business… I recorded a freestyle with Ocean over hero… The track is messy.. Gonna post it up later this week, so watch out for that!!

Rick Ross and 50 Cent!!

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These cartoons are jokes… I dunno if you saw 50 cent takin out Rick Ross’s Baby mother on a shoppin trip?? Trus me it took beef to another level.. Check out the cartoons of 50 cent takin the micky out of Rick Ross!!

Pharrell or Timbaland… Who is the better producer?

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I bumped into G Frsh, in a post office of all places LOL We had a little debate on who is the better Producer… Pharrell or Timbo! I must admit I love Timbo’s drums… Pharrell Seems to follow the full process through thou…