Do not take this post serious!!! (This is only fun)


Ok, so the other day, I was having a convo with D Mensah about the movement we are trying to 
make happen and the only thing missing is a leading artist for ‘Tagg This’….. In the same breath I said, that I would push myself as the main artist,
rapping LOL…. obviously pulling the his leg… Well to an extent… LOL 

Personally working with rappers music wise, I kinda know what I like and don’t like to hear… Some rappers are sooooo creative and I love their word play.. ie wretch, chips, Incisive, G Frsh… actually make you think!! On the other hand there are some rappers that just can’t measure up!!

So after all that I thought would try a ting for a laugh… and what better beat, than my own ‘Bass’ track… Have a listen!! This is the first and last time I try rapping!! LOL 🙂
Leslie Lewis Walker version of Bass: 
MP3 click on highlighted Leslie Lewis-Walker version of Bass… LOL
Compared to the Ocean one???
I think I will stick to producing music LOL!! 

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