Rejection is a bi*** LOL

So if you remember, earlier in the month, I said that I had a whole bunch of instrumentals I believed in, but the mission would be for the artist to share the vision as well.. Well some times.. or most of the time, the two don’t marry and it is really a numbers game!! Managed to get in contact with Bashy… Which was cool, cause I feel his music… and for what he stands for… I had a track in mind and I gave him it via email… no longer than 15 mins later, I got a reply… 


Was he feelin it?

Was he not??


Well…. he said he felt the idea but, he was not feeling the drums…. Now… When I made this track, I wanted to not have your average drum pattern… but I wanted dance drums… As in like drums you would use for hard house… Reason being is cause I wanted it to reach more of a mass of people. My vision was if Bashy did ride it right, he would bring the ‘urban’ (I hate using that) to the track. I wish I was there when he got it, to actually give him the full 100 and background… But hey… looks like I will have to change the drums… 😦 However I might just come up with something new for him.. 🙂



Nuff respect to Bashy thou for being honest, which I rate….


4 Responses to “Rejection is a bi*** LOL”

  1. Dont penny that man – people always reject hot tracks when they dont see the vision straight away – Ive done the same thing and heard another artist on the track couple months later and I was pissssed! lol – For an artist though, sometimes, you wanna “click” with the song straight away

    But look… just the other day, 50 rejected a primo beat…and on “Fade to black”, before he picks “dirt off your shoulder” jay-z rejects 2 of timbalands beat that timbo later gives to brandy and to ludacris for “come as you are” and “potion” respectively… ( – about 1:40 – this shows my obssession with studio videos!)

    SO im sure another artist will click with the song in question…keep on keepin on mayne

    p.s I have been meaning to jump on that “Bass” track but i been maaad busy – havent recorded ANYTHING in a minute…but yea man…keep it up for real..

  2. Interesting!!! Nice one bro…
    It is good to hear from an artists point of view…
    That is the beauty of music!!

  3. hmmm. it happens all over the globe. There are many ways to skin an artist (i mean cat).

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