Free download!!

Hey people,

Again another busy week, with regards to Tagg This work… Proud to say we have 134 downloads for the track ‘Bass’… Which is a real good look!! With regards to other music… I recorded the track ‘enjoy’ early Jan… I really liked it.. I felt Ocean done an amazing job on the verse… however the vocals on the chorus were over weak.. I tried to ignore.. but it had to get the chop…. Everything I push has to rep to the fullest. You are only as good as your last song. I might do another version, with another singer, or switch up the chorus.. but this version will have to rest in peace…


Here it is for free!!

MP3 – Enjoy feat Ocean


2morrow, I will be going to an event called ‘Anfy’.. A brand new live music night run by ‘West Londons’ Hyper and Marcie… I am showing my support as it is the opening night.. It is only right, as they have shown me love in the past!! Will have some pics and give you an overview, so watch this space!


The ‘Lets play a game of Tagg’ Tees are now out via the Tagg This website..


Otherwise just holla


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