Photoshoot for the new Tee’s!!

Photoshoot for the new Tee’s!!



Yesterday we had a mini shoot for the new ‘Lets play a game of Tagg’ T-shirts, which will be out in mens and

soon in womens. When we do get the womens version out, we will look to do a major shoot and make it real artisitic… We will also look to incorporate the original T- shirt and the idea of it actually being a game of ‘Tag’.


This was more of a test shot session to try and establish the kind of poses we would look to do for the actual shoot (which will probably happen in April)..


However there is always a set back…  Nothing ever goes smoothly LOL So we booked a model that was supposed to come for 3pm … We could not get hold of the guy in the first instance as it was his birthday the day before and he got majorly drunk!! Anyway we get hold of him around 1pm and he explains why we could not reach him previous… (fair enough)!!


3pm Comes…. 3pm goes…. Still no model and the worst of it is… He does not answer his dame phone!! Not a good look at all!! In the end myself and D Mensah had to model the test shots ourselves…!! Because they were outside shots, you can imagine how cold it was… Sheez….


Just a day in the life, in trying to make it happen!!


Ps Pics should be out by Wednesday for you all to see..:-)  



2 Responses to “Photoshoot for the new Tee’s!!”

  1. Sounds like great stuff Leslie. I will def be interested purchasing some tees.

  2. Nice i can’t wait to purchase one.. What colours are available?

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