Things are moving but it seems like there is not enough time under the SUN!!

Man so just got back from a live night called Remedy!! Check it out..

My friends run the night and it is the same team I worked with on Soul Lab (RIP), a live music night I use to run. Anyway I will be uploading the pics later but I got there mega late… As in 11 in the evening late… Reason being is because we got the new ‘Lets play a game of Tagg’ Tees through.. They came out alright and I will be taking pics for your exclusive eyes only sneak preview soon as well. 


With me:

I have now finished making all the instrumentals needed and am now ready to start distributing to artists.. Already I have reached out to Scorcher (who I would have loved to work with), but he has finished his album so he is not really looking at present 😦 but  I have reached out to others as well…  As a producer distributing instrumentals it is not easy. Some artists will share your vision.. Some will work with the program and trust you… but some will not see your vision at all…Thats what makes it fun… Its like being a salesman, when you do get that sale, you are over joyed.  

I have decided that I am gonna make a little EP and brand it under the Tagg This brand. This will be distributed  to radio stations etc in April (ish) Past songs that will be included will be ‘Happy’ Feat GFrSH and ‘Be your girl’ Feat Sherissa Stewart and Incisive.  Will keep you updated on this later thou…


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