New Tagg This slogan T’s will be out soon (I promise)!!

Hey guys, just a quick blog to update you on the new Tagg This slogan T’s that will be out in the next couple of weeks!! As advertised in a previous blog, they were supposed to be ready by the 1st Jan 2009… However this is were waiting on others can prove frustrating. Now we placed an order to the printers to get these printed T’s on the 6th December (or around that time) and we still have not got any slogan T’s at the door yet!! We were promised these prints would be with us before NEW YEARS…WHAT IS UP WITH THAT..!!. When I emailed the guy to ask what the deal was… He comes with a lame excuse, of how he left the order in the capable hands of his assistant, but it got messed up over X Mas….  Oh well… We should hopefully get the order next week, so when we do get them, I will give you the exclusive!!

Ere is the classic Tagg This T for you to see…



I can not believe I have not posted this up before!! I like what K West did here…


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