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Do not take this post serious!!! (This is only fun)

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Ok, so the other day, I was having a convo with D Mensah about the movement we are trying to 
make happen and the only thing missing is a leading artist for ‘Tagg This’….. In the same breath I said, that I would push myself as the main artist,
rapping LOL…. obviously pulling the his leg… Well to an extent… LOL 

Personally working with rappers music wise, I kinda know what I like and don’t like to hear… Some rappers are sooooo creative and I love their word play.. ie wretch, chips, Incisive, G Frsh… actually make you think!! On the other hand there are some rappers that just can’t measure up!!

So after all that I thought would try a ting for a laugh… and what better beat, than my own ‘Bass’ track… Have a listen!! This is the first and last time I try rapping!! LOL 🙂
Leslie Lewis Walker version of Bass: 
MP3 click on highlighted Leslie Lewis-Walker version of Bass… LOL
Compared to the Ocean one???
I think I will stick to producing music LOL!! 

Out and about….

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Today or shall I say just now… I reached an artist performance event presented by ‘G parties’ and ‘hot2death’ @ SOUND BAR… When I did reach there, it was sooooooo  music industry status… Now may I add here that with music industry parties you see the same faces… LIKE ALL THE TIME!!! LOL People pose and it is so not about the music… Plus there are never vibes!!

Anyway rockin on… Saw XO man (watch out for his music vid, soon come.. oh and did you see him on Hugo urban rules on Mtv base??) and MC Fontz… (My main man)… Also saw Dan (see pic of him stunned)LOL

Also you can see that me and D Mensah are reppin our clothing line to the fullest… See the new Tee’s in effect!!!


Performing on the night were Celment Marfo and Mr Midas (UMA winner) See pics.

Just a quick post!!

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Just a quick update to say that right now I am working with another member of FrSH ent at the moment.. Mr Lefty London!! I have given him two beats thus far and working on some more for him,,,, Gonna try and give him a soulful something… If you have never heard him b4… Check him out along side G FrSH on the track ‘Cheese’ 

Rejection is a bi*** LOL

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So if you remember, earlier in the month, I said that I had a whole bunch of instrumentals I believed in, but the mission would be for the artist to share the vision as well.. Well some times.. or most of the time, the two don’t marry and it is really a numbers game!! Managed to get in contact with Bashy… Which was cool, cause I feel his music… and for what he stands for… I had a track in mind and I gave him it via email… no longer than 15 mins later, I got a reply… 


Was he feelin it?

Was he not??


Well…. he said he felt the idea but, he was not feeling the drums…. Now… When I made this track, I wanted to not have your average drum pattern… but I wanted dance drums… As in like drums you would use for hard house… Reason being is cause I wanted it to reach more of a mass of people. My vision was if Bashy did ride it right, he would bring the ‘urban’ (I hate using that) to the track. I wish I was there when he got it, to actually give him the full 100 and background… But hey… looks like I will have to change the drums… 😦 However I might just come up with something new for him.. 🙂



Nuff respect to Bashy thou for being honest, which I rate….

New night ‘Anfy’ (live music night)

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Because so many of my friends run these nights, I really struggle to support everyone. However it was the launch of the night Anfy and I had to support Marcie Phonix and Hypa Fenn (the event organisers) and my boy Jeds (who was dancing). Here are some pics:


As you can see.. the place was RAME!! It was a good look… I was behind the scenes so please excuse my pics… This night comes on every 2nd Wednesday of the month.. High St Kensington @ Archangel bar.

If you don’t know who Hypa and Marcie ARE… Check this out!!

Free download!!

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Hey people,

Again another busy week, with regards to Tagg This work… Proud to say we have 134 downloads for the track ‘Bass’… Which is a real good look!! With regards to other music… I recorded the track ‘enjoy’ early Jan… I really liked it.. I felt Ocean done an amazing job on the verse… however the vocals on the chorus were over weak.. I tried to ignore.. but it had to get the chop…. Everything I push has to rep to the fullest. You are only as good as your last song. I might do another version, with another singer, or switch up the chorus.. but this version will have to rest in peace…


Here it is for free!!

MP3 – Enjoy feat Ocean


2morrow, I will be going to an event called ‘Anfy’.. A brand new live music night run by ‘West Londons’ Hyper and Marcie… I am showing my support as it is the opening night.. It is only right, as they have shown me love in the past!! Will have some pics and give you an overview, so watch this space!


The ‘Lets play a game of Tagg’ Tees are now out via the Tagg This website..


Otherwise just holla

K.I.G Family doin it large with their smash ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’

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This tune is gonna be the summer hit!! I was at a show case yesterday (grinding for Tagg This of course) and KIG murked the place with the song. The variations of dances was nuts too. Here are some pics



As you can see the crowd went wild when they came on stage…. BIG up to them and every success!!

If you have not hear the tune… Where have you been????  Here it is!! PS I don’t think this is the official video.