Calling all RAPPERS!!!!!!

Show your skills… let me introduce you to the ‘Bass’ Instrumental… Speaks for itself… In the new year I will be asking rappers all over 

to spit their best 16 all over this… It can be about anything you want, but it just needs to be your hardest, cause I have recorded some cats over this beat in the last month and they have killed it… As you are my blogging friends I thought I would give you the head start… 

Here is a guy from South London who did something to it first.. His name is Holness and he is only 16 years old… Just so you all know the levels!!
Here it is 16 Bar \’Bass\’ ft Holness MP3
Also rappers download the instrumental here: 16 Bar Bass Instrumental 
‘Oceans’ and EZ version will be up in a few weeks alongside others… so watch this space!!
Other new music/full length songs will be up at the end of Jan on the myspace…

One Response to “Calling all RAPPERS!!!!!!”

  1. JHEEEEZ! You KNOW I had to download this! See you in ’09 fam

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