The latest with my new music!!

What a weekend!!


So right now I am in the zone!! Like really in the zone… I am making music and nuff of it..

I even made a house track that sounds real soulful. This weekend I recorded Ocean (who I recorded on

‘Bass’ last week) on two tracks. One is called ‘Breath’ and the other is called ‘Looking through the window’.

On Sunday I recorded Karina, who is a young singer me and D Mensah met just under a year ago. She came and

Recorded her chorus and verse for ‘Love’ and ‘Looking through the window’. Shout out to her, as I do put people

through their paces in the studio when doing vocals… Now comes the best part… THE MIXING…..


PS sorry about the Freebies I promised…. My compter is playing wireless games with me at present…

It maybe a later present to all you guys..


One Response to “The latest with my new music!!”

  1. still waiting for them freebies homie!

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