2008 X Factor winner Alex being hated on already!!??


The hating has begun… Personally I feel that Alex deserved to win the X Factor…

however bloggers on the other side of the pond do not agree… plus they are dissing

Beyonce who in my opinion put a really good performance along side the X Factor winner

I think they have no case, as they can’t even spell let alone hate on someone else!!

… I really just don’t understand (see below)




Extract from the Sohh website.


Sigh….. United Kingdom ’s version of "American Ido"l to perform along side the winner, Alexandra Burke, who claims Bey as her idol. As my eyes started to roll, I watched the youtube clip and was disgusted at what I saw. This Alexander chick looked like she’s been ran through the Beyonce spin-cycle — she looks exactly like the pop star.

Before I get started on my rant it should be noted that I tried my best all day to stay away from this story. While many bloggers love to hate on Beyonce , I truly try my best to steer clear of the buffonery as it relates to the Knowles.

Now with that said, what the hell is wrong with music industry?! Beyonce made a special appearance on the

But what was more horrifying to witness was the fact that a chick like this, who clearly has some vocal weakenss could win such a title and get rewarded with singing along her idol. Is this what the music world is coming to? Is everyone so affraird of the "Beyonce machine" that they find it neccessry to make every young black female singer look like a cheap cookie cutter knock off?




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