How I actually make music!!


People ask me this all the time… Like a double sided coin.. it is a funny but at the same time interesting question. I remember when I first made the transition from singing to producing and I listened to a Neptunes track, I often questioned their formula.This is probably why every month, I search for producers names viewing them on youtube to view their techniques in the studio, cause you can always learn!!

There is no right or wrong way to make music and that is the most amazing thing about it… but when making music, you will find some have a routine pattern they follow.

I always start with the drums…(unless I am sampling) Reason being is to create a back bone. I think of it as, you can’t build a house without a foundation!? If I don’t have a strong drum pattern I will keep working until I get that GROOVE


Groove Definition:

Groove is the sense of propulsive rhythmic “feel” or sense of “swing” created by the interaction of the music played by a band’s rhythm section(drums, electric bass or double bass, guitar, and keyboards). The term is mainly used in the context of genres outside of Western art music, such asfunkrock musicpower groovefusion, and soul.


Strangely enough after this I will listen to what the drums feel like and place instruments over it to compliment the groove. Hope this makes sense??£!£!$$?? It is kinda the same principle as a counter melody… (best way to describe it).

Ok for example, this is how I made ‘Be your girl’ With Sherissa Stewart feat Incisive. At the bottom of this post.

I created the drums first and then added a clouded chord on top as the melody. The instrument choice was to un harsh the drums, as they were pretty dominant when on their own. All the other instruments just compliment it i.e. the bass, strings. This was actually pretty simple compared to other tracks made in the past, but it was just the way I executed the instruments, to give it that full sound. I have found many times that sometimes simple is very much effective…

Have a listen (below) I produced this about over a year ago … I love this song till this day!  


PS I just wanna thanks everyone for reading… I looked at my blog stats yesterday and there is never a day, someone is not reading my blogs… Hey… it is a nice feeling! Thanks for all your support!!

(click on ‘Be your girl’ beneath to download!!)

Be your girl (MP3) Feat Sherissa Stewart and Incisive

It is free people.. so don’t forget to click


PS check out Wretch 32’s new vid with Ghetto… BIG!!! Very artistic!!


4 Responses to “How I actually make music!!”

  1. Sup fam,

    Good post.

    Like yourself, im obsessed with seeing other artists/producers creative process and so I think ive seen every available studio video on youtube – “Ray” is one of my favourite films for the same reason – u get to see him making the songs and in the studio etc…

    Interesting to see (or read) how you go about making music. I normally do drums last or in between – never first….guess it dont matter though – different routes to the same destination of good music!

    Stay up


  2. leslielewiswalker Says:

    I agree.. oh check out incisive’s blog… I am very selective
    when it comes to rappers on my music, but this is one guy
    I rate..

  3. okay i will check out his blog..

    Look forward to the New Year

  4. okay i will check out his blog..

    Look forward to the New Year

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