New music… Soon come!!

Hey guys….

U may or may not have realised that most of my blogs have been pretty general of late and not specifically about me!! Well I have been working hard in the background, working on new music and  sorting the orders for the new slogan T’s due to come out early next year. Music wise, I am working treble hard and I promise that each individual piece will be a work of art (scouts honor) !!  1st January I will be kicking things off with a 16 bar instrumental (produced by yours truly)  for all rappers to exhibition their lyrical talents… It will be over a beat that is so fire.. It is simply entitled ‘BASS’. After that, I will be flooding you all with new music from Feb on wards…

Of course… As always, I will be letting you  all know how I get on, on a day to day basis, because I will be promoting like crazy and making more music like crazy…  I am bound to come across some obstacles along the way…. So it is only right I vent via blog LOL!! I know it won’t be easy but nothing is promised and nothing worth having is easy!!  

As we are on the topic of music, I thought I would post a song that I produced for the man of the moment ‘G FrSH’ (Fresh) a year ago which you might, or might not have heard before…. It features on his latest mixtape… 

Happy listening and I will keep you all updated (as always) so keep reading!!


One Response to “New music… Soon come!!”

  1. Looking fwd to that music famo!


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