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Calling all RAPPERS!!!!!!

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Show your skills… let me introduce you to the ‘Bass’ Instrumental… Speaks for itself… In the new year I will be asking rappers all over 

to spit their best 16 all over this… It can be about anything you want, but it just needs to be your hardest, cause I have recorded some cats over this beat in the last month and they have killed it… As you are my blogging friends I thought I would give you the head start… 

Here is a guy from South London who did something to it first.. His name is Holness and he is only 16 years old… Just so you all know the levels!!
Here it is 16 Bar \’Bass\’ ft Holness MP3
Also rappers download the instrumental here: 16 Bar Bass Instrumental 
‘Oceans’ and EZ version will be up in a few weeks alongside others… so watch this space!!
Other new music/full length songs will be up at the end of Jan on the myspace…

TUNE!!!!! Sheez…

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One of my fav Jill Scott songs!! Ft 4 Hero who are amazing musicians (like the real sense of the word musician)!!

While we are rolling with the tribute with Ms Scott.. here is another BIG tune she did back in the day!! 


I love it… I am noddin my head hard listening to this… Real music.. Real mad song writing!!

Beats that I make that don’t see the light of day!!

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So as I mentioned in a previous blog I have been making nuff music… only about 20% of this music will actually see the light of day… !! So I thought seeing as it is the festive season and I am in the mood for giving.. I thought I would give you an insight into a beat that I am never going to do anything with and will probably delete after posting. It is far from finished, but I did not see a clear vision for the track and it seemed too repetitive… so it had to go!! 

Beat  Demo MP3

I also thought I would share this classic song,,, I have been playin it all day… I forgot how amazing it sounded on the  ear… So simple but effective!! Enjoy.. 🙂

And the last two free downloads!!

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Last batch of Xmas presents from me to you!!!

Big up Incisive for the helpful push… I was all getting lazy… LOL Make sure you check out his blog spot.. I should have a link on my blog link bar…


Those days

Whas Real

More XMAS give aways!!!

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This music is spanning from 2004.. yes that long!!! I listen to tracks like ‘Whas real’ and ‘Whas it gonna be’ and think that it still sounds timeless.. Baring in mind I recorded them in 04!! Others like ‘Love calling’  and ‘Southside bounce’ I feel I have matured musically listening today

Hope you enjoy…. And a Merry Merry X Mas..

Break her heart

Don\’t Judge

Just Begun


Southside bounce

Free Music downloads

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More to come!!

Love Calling


Sales in America this year…. Artists are feeling the resession..

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This is interesting

Lil’ Wayne , T.I. and a few others made big impacts on the charts in 2008. But what of Nelly , Fat Joe and G-Unit ? As 2008 nears its completion, SOHH has examined this year’s top selling albums along with a few that fell back and missed the big sales payday.


Making his long-delayed return to store shelves on June 10, Lil’ Wayne has continued to break records and create a buzz throughout the year, this time with the release of The Carter III .

His hit records "Lollipop," "A Milli," "Got Money," and "Mrs. Officer" helped him land at No. 1 on Billboard ‘s Top 200 and sell over 1 million copies his first week. The record now currently stands at No. 47 with 2,778,800 albums sold.

Another big winner of the year was T.I. Facing an upcoming one year jail sentence beginning next March, T.I.’s Paper Trail landed in consumers’ hands September 30.

Despite rap beefs and house arrest, Tip held his own as his sixth solo project debuted at No. 1 selling over 500,000 in its first week and currently rests at No. 30 with 1,389,100 sold copies.

R&B was introduced to a new split personality this year as Beyonce showcased I Am…Sasha Fierce on November 18 offering both a somber side with "If I Were a Boy" and her high-energy side via "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)."

She made headlines with her secret wedding to Jay-Z, and the Grammy winning singer’s name gained more attention by debuting at No. 1 with over 482,000 copies sold and stands at No. 3 with 1,052,500 albums sold.

Mariah Carey ‘s E=MC2 made history on April 15 as it went on to become one of her biggest career releases. Gaining additional publicity from her marriage with Nick Cannon , Mariah’s first week numbers were 463,000 helping her debut at No. 1 and allowing the album to rest at over 1.2 million copies sold.

Another R&B mega star Usher gave fans a year to remember on May 27 as Here I Stand marked his long-awaited return as "Love in This Club" and "Love in This Club, Part II" began to takeover national radio air waves.

Usher landed atop the charts with 443,000 copies sold and later became a platinum-certified as Here I Stand rests at No. 151 with 1,099,300 scanned units.

British crooner Leona Lewis shocked United States fans as her debut Spirit has remained on the charts ever since it’s debut in April. Lowis’ first solo project landed atop the charts on her opening week with 205,000 scanned copies and currently sits at No. 59 with 1,330,025 sold copies.


Despite mega selling albums from Weezy and Mariah, 2008 saw a lot of noteworthy projects that failed to generate heavy sales. Nearly a decade since releasing his last album, hip-hop legend Q-Tip returned on November 4 with The Renaissance led by the tracks "Gettin’ Up" and "Move."

Despite a solid hip-hop following, the A Tribe Called Quest frontman debuted at No. 11 selling 34,200 copies. His second solo release currently stands at 79,700 scanned units.

With group member confrontations and pushed back release dates, G-Unit ‘s Terminate On Site (TOS) hit stores on July 1 and was met with mixed reactions. Buzzing from tracks like "Rider Pt. 2" and "I Like the Way She Do It," the group debuted at #4 with 102,000 and currently rests at just under 200,000 scanned copies.

Engaging himself in a brief rap battle with 50 Cent , Fat Joe ‘s Elephant in the Room landed March 11 and was prepped to be the Terror Squad leader’s re-start into the mainstream.
Appearing to do fairly well with the success of his J. Holiday assisted "I Won’t Tell," the album failed to generate major numbers but did land at No. 6. It opened with 46,000 sold copies but has yet to break 100K sold.

Once known for competing with Eminem ‘s sales numbers, Nelly returned after a four-year hiatus with Brass Knuckles on September 16. The mega-platinum artist’s fifth solo project secured #3 with 84,000 first week scanned currently stands at roughly 161,200 sold. 

Battling retailers and corporate America, Nas faced major setbacks with Untitled before it hit stores on July 15. He debuted at No.1 as songs like "Hero" helped him push 187,000 copies. Despite the ultra hyped release, Untitled currently rests at a respectable but less than astounding for Nas 407,100 moved.

R&B superstar Janet Jackson made her Island Def Jam debut February 22 with the release of Discipline led by the tracks "Feedback," "Rock with U," and "Luv." Despite her established popularity and landing at No. 1 with 181,000 albums sold, Janet’s latest album was unable to outdo former projects, leading to label disputes as Discipline currently remains at just over 415,000.