Kanye West (808s and Heartbreak) hmmmmm???




First off.. I was not going to even do a blog until next week, cause I was gonna inform you about my new music coming 1st January… But I will still save that till next week.. I saw Incisive’s blog spot about classic albums and I thought I would inform you about my personal opinion about Kanye’s new one!!


So let me just start by tellin you this is not your typical K West album!!! REAL TALK!!!

Ok, so I skipped to “heartless” (track 3) cause I love that track!! It reminds me of a musical blast and I can imagine someone performing it on a stage in a theatre production. After that I used the ‘SKIP’ button all the way through!! In the interim, I had a facebook convo and discussed the album with friends… This turned into a hate campaign about him being lost music wise…

Now I am a K West fan… I have seen him live and it was amazing!! Like the best inspiring 2 hours of my music journey…. So I gave it another chance!!!

I know he has been under a lot of pressure this last year and in the artwork (even thou amazing) shows  a prism… So lookin deeper, maybe a rainbow after the rain/sorrow hurt??? I know he has a motive for most things, and it would not surprise me if the artwork has a story behind it!! 

Now listening to the album again and lookin at the over all package I actually see his vision!! SERIOUS!!!

The album has grown on me!! Stand out tracks are “Street lights” and “Say you will”   which I love so much I might put a verse to it!! This is heart felt music hence why you can’t rap to this!! You sing in church to praise the lord (even if you can’t sing, which he can’t), but you feel his emotion in the process…K West has been through a lot and I don’t think he has got over these hurdles in his mind set (bare in mind he has not taken any time out)!! However West is one with music, you can feel his heart ache in music form!! Is that his way of grieving?


Melody is a key part to this album, and because K West knows about this formula too well, he manages to keep your attention (well at least mine).

It is far from a classic and this may set him back interms of sales wise, but I think this is his healing process… The people that have jumped on the band wagon will fall off, but the true fans will probably get to understand his current way of thinking and understand that he wants what every other human being wants… And that is to be happy!!

He has not lost me as a fan yet!!

PS I got Simply Red greatest hits… So that was a one listen job!!! 🙂





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