I need to VENT!!

Ok so… This has put a downer on my day!!! I was gearing up to buy Wretch 32’s new album…The day before I had heard Chiniese whispers featuring Chippy and Scotch… I was blown away and I pictured me rolling in my car with that song on!! and I was almost skipping to HMV and I ask for WRETROSPECTIVE (the name of the album).  The guy looks at me blankly and quickly sprints to the computer and asks me to repeat what I said… Panic stations  alert me and I drop my head down… A few seconds later he says… QUOTE

“Sorry mate, seems like it never came in” 

I walked away…Thinkin this would have to happen the one time I wanna actually support an artist I really like!! Anyways, I will somehow get a copy.. only thing is I would rather not buy on line.. it is exciting to go purchase at the record store…

Anyway besides that, right now I am analysing music at the mo and just getting inspiration from what is out… then I heard the most fresh thing in a while, which I never realised in on the first listen about 2months ago…. 

Solange: I Decided

What can I say… the Neptunes!! They can switch it so much that I am sometimes left dazed sometimes!! They took it back to a Motown sound… It is so simple but effective, which is sometimes best!!


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