New layout!!!


Hey guys… I have changed my layout!!! Now it don’t look so cheap!! 🙂 (Well in my eyes)

Like so… I have just come from a night called ‘Writers Block’ ( and am 

pretty tired to say the least cause I usually have a nap…. ( I know ) between 6 and 7… I am a creature of habbit LOL…  anyways as mentioned in the previous post I have worked with G Frsh on a couple of songs in the past… I have now submitted some songs for his new mix tape but with in myself, I don’t think I am back to my best… so I doubt any will make the cut… It is a shame but it will now inspire me to work that little harder to regain that magic.

See it is one thing to have a different vision to an artist, because not everyone is gonna have the same vision… but not living up to your own personal height/expectation is another…!! I will be back… and be even better thou….. Reason being is because I am hungry more than ever to make music!!.. 


Oh while I am here.. Here is the G FrSH new video.. I think it will be one of his biggest…



While we are on the subject of videos… I just saw the video of K West…erm I am really not sure!!???

I kinda like the video thou… It has a calm artistic effect!!

I am over an out.. I need sleep 🙂

Leslie Lewis-Walker


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