I am in the mood,,, For making music

So this is just a quick entry to kind of celebrate the fact that I am back in the studio!!

LOL it has been a hot min.. but now I am loving just exploring music again and not 

having to multi task with business.. Over the weekend I made some instrumentals that 

sound nice…. (well to my ears LOL).. If you track back to the Kano party.. I mentioned I saw G Frsh there,  to whom I have worked with before on a couple of songs in the past… He mentioned that he is coming with a with a new mixtape soon.. so I said I would email him some tracks through… Hopefully one will make the cut, but G has a good ear for music and if it is not on point… your track will not see the light of day…

I maybe biased in saying this, but watch out for G because I feel he has that x factor with painting pictures with words, but can feed it to people with the right amount according to the audience…. He is also one focused guy!!


Here is the vid I did with him 2 years ago for a track I produced:

Whas it gonna be:


I was a little unhappy thou today as another artist… WRETCH 32 did not release his highly awaited album today… It will now come out next week monday… Ok Ok it is only a week… but if you heard his music, you would be like wow…. His word play is serious… See how Jay Z will say something, but you may not get the meaning until the year after… That is how much I rate his talent!! Plus from the way he carries himself, he seems real cool…

Check him out on: http://www.myspace.com/wretchclart


Anyway people will holla soon


One Response to “I am in the mood,,, For making music”

  1. U know im following ur blog fam!!

    Keep em coming!

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