This vision I am tryna get out to make reality….

So it is Friday night right and I so have that friday feeling to

go out and shock out… However all week I have been on my grind so I thought

I would follow suit today (even thou it is over hard).

Of late i have not really been in the studio.. well for a while..

Reason being is because I have been having my business cap on to

try and get the clothing off the ground and me and D (D Mensah) have been

trying to add the masses to the myspace and promote the Tagg This competition.

After all this, it is hard to get into music mode… However I am kinda nearly there..

To celebrate this fact I really wanna make some hits…!!

So I try and get into the mode and start thinkin of themes sounds etc..

Ok let me go back and explain myself… as a producer I feel like I am 

the director of a sort of movie/journey for others to share!!… As the director I am to paint a

picture of an emotion or attempt to move people with an instrumental that will

take you somewhere… May it be a time or place!!


Ok so right now I am hearing harps… don’t ask why LOL

However I wanna make something heart felt.. 

Here is an example!!


Lets just see where it takes us??

Oh if I didn’t mention b4… Check out my

myspace for free downloads of my music:


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