I landed on this blog!!!


Now what I am gonna do is tell the truth and nothing but the truth…

I wanna give you the real prospective of just how this music game is in England…

give you my views and just give you my account.

I first saw this whole blog thing via Incisive (big rapper).. So I thought I would 

give it a go…. to 1 vent and 2 for you to see my every couple of days movements


Check out my spots:




Below is just a description of what I do (it is a copy and paste job thou LOL:

My name is Leslie Lewis-Walker AKA Leslie Walker and I am an all round music producer AND one of the founders of TAGG THIS clothing.Music wise I attempt to recreate my vision through music!……… From when i was young i have had a love for music. From singing in concerts to composing my own work. I did the whole Uni thing and finished in 2004 (@ Buckinghamshire Chilterns), but coming out with a degree in Music Management and studio production did not mean that i was any better off. 

It just taught me that its more of a business that can burn and scare people……… On a brighter note, I think music is within us all. It binds people together and can be used as a means of communication. To say music is beautiful would be an understatement. To say that music is one of the few wonders of this world still existing, would be more of a fitting…


Now with regards Tagg This clothing.. that is my clothing line along with a guy called D Mensah.

We started it about a year ago but have started pushing it over the last 3 months..

As we missed the period of summer now.. we are running on a competition to keep the name buzzing

over winter.. then hopefully next year progress.

For more info on the competition check: http://www.taggthisclothing.com


Anyway b4 I go… went to the Kano Launch, which was big…

I tried to take photos of the stage but they came out in a crazy silly blur..

However I saw Jak FRSH and Chipmunk… (which are the only decent pics) ….Also saw G Frsh and Silvastone

and others who I have not seen for a while so it was a good nite! Bummer is my battery on my camera died half way through 😦


Most of all  it was very positive to see that English artists

can one put on a decent show (with no technic hitch and two I realised that 

we have turned this into an industry not a hobby!!

What can I say well done Kano…!!


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