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And then me in the studio!

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I love watching this guy in the studio!!

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Whenever I see this guy in the studio it always motivates me!! Very talented producer individual!!


Soul Lab is back!!!

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Sheez… If you have never heard of this night…. Get to know!!! I run this event along side Ash and Dan. We took a summer break but are back for the winter months… Check the bio below on what its all about!!


Soul lab is a live urban music night. It provides the best young performers in London a platform to showcase their music to a wider audience. The music showcased at the events will range from funk to reggae to soul to hip hop and anything else that has that kinda flava. The evening will follow this format. The evening will start around 6-7 with DJs playing laid back soul and R&B creating setting the mood for the evening. Around 8 the band will take to the stage and the warm the audience up. Then along side the live band, artists will showcase their talent. After that DJs will play the best in Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, R&B and Broken Beat until the night ends. Soul lab will become an event renowned for fresh quality music of an Urban persuasion, and will become the place for all aspiring artists to have their music heard. 


Details of the dates will soon come in the next week or so!!

Wow…. This ain’t right man.. Is this what fame can drive u 2?

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Bashy found this originally, I was over shocked to see this and unedited!!

Are you looking for that big break???

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A plug guys:

Hugo Urban Rules is back for another round of talent searching around the UK, this time teaming up with The UK’s biggest ever girl band – Sugababes.
The Urban Rules campaign, from Hugo fragrances, gives you the chance to get your music professionally recorded and released, appear on MTV and perform live supporting The Sugababesin December. In addition, Urban Rules a panel of music industry experts will host master classes on a range of subjects including vocal coaching and stage craft.
If you’re looking to get your big break –or you’d just like a free ticket to the event to see Sugababesand DJ Manny Norte, you can find tickets, info and submission details here: 


And another one

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Gonna have a update for ya later this week… Prob the weekend, so keep tuned… Just had to share below the hate for Obama!! This is crazy but exciting… I am starting to follow now and it is pretty interesting!!

What a shame!!

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This just makes me sad… I guess racism still exists..

I am not siding with either side, as I do not have full hand knowledge of either sides campaign!! How ever at the end of the day the best individual should win.. regardless of race..